Trails for self-led visits

For self-led visits, we recommend you use our themed trails. They’re a great way to get the most out of your visit and learn more about Westminster Abbey. Most of our trails are suitable for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Primary school students followed a themed trail around Westminster Abbey

Church and State

Links between St Margaret’s Church and the Houses of Parliament

Suitable for ages 7-11 or 11-14

If you’re combining a visit to Westminster Abbey with a tour of the Houses of Parliament, you can go from one to the other by way of St Margaret’s Church, commonly called the ‘parish church of the House of Commons’.

If you intend to visit St Margaret’s, please check with the Vestry on 020 7654 4840 before you visit.

Links between St Margaret’s Church and the Houses of Parliament (PDF 216KB)

Church and State trail for ages 7–11 (PDF 10MB)

Church and State trail for ages 11–14 (PDF 10MB)

Maths trail

Suitable for ages 9-14

This trail includes topics such as Estimation, Units of Measurement, Shapes, Symmetry and Roman Numerals. It is best used by small groups.

Some areas of the Abbey may not be accessible and teachers are advised to check with a member of staff on arrival.

Maths trail (PDF 15MB)

Tudor trail

Suitable for ages 7–14

Westminster Abbey is the resting place of nearly all the Tudor monarchs. This trail takes you through the building to learn about this family’s fascinating history, and includes sections in St. Margaret’s Church.

Tudor trail (PDF 2MB)

Tudor trail teachers' notes (PDF 1.9MB)

Symbols and worship

Suitable for ages 11–14

As a Christian church, Westminster Abbey has many interesting religious symbols. This trail challenges pupils to find the most significant ones, and explains why they’re important to Christians.

Symbols and worship trail (PDF 2MB)

Light and colour trail

Suitable for ages 7–14

This trail explores the art and architecture of Westminster Abbey. Discover more about this amazing building from some of the artists, architects, craftsmen, masons and sculptors involved in its creation.

Light and colour trail (PDF 6MB)

Under our feet trail

Suitable for ages 7–14

Designed to encourage students to look at the fascinating history that often gets ignored, this trail is all about the history beneath our feet. Students learn about the monumental brasses and tombstones in the Abbey, including the Grave of the Unknown Warrior. We also have some of the finest examples of medieval tiles in the country, as well as the beautiful medieval Cosmati Pavement, made from coloured stones and glass in the reign of Henry III.

Under our feet trail (PDF 5.4MB)

Royal Society scientists trail

Suitable for ages 7–14

The Royal Society celebrated its 350th anniversary in 2010 with a year-long programme of events and activities. As part of this celebration, it collaborated with Westminster Abbey to produce this exciting science trail, highlighting the discoveries made by past Fellows of the Royal Society, now buried or remembered within the Abbey.

Scientists trail student booklet (PDF 4MB)

Scientists trail teachers' notes (PDF 1MB)

What the Dickens trail

Suitable for ages 7–14

Charles Dickens is often considered the greatest of Victorian novelists. This trail celebrates his unique style of writing, and helps you learn from the man himself about the inspiration for his work and the times he lived in. You’ll also visit the tomb where Dickens was buried in Poets’ Corner.

You can combine this session with a self-guided walking tour of the areas around the Abbey associated with Dickens and the Victorian era.

Westminster in the time of Dickens downloadable trail (PDF 6MB)