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Westminster Abbey and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Abbey is not currently open for public worship, general visiting or private prayer. Meanwhile, the community of Abbey clergy are continuing to worship and pray, in-line with government guidance. They are also producing a podcast to mark key liturgical events.

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Mansell Family

Several members of the Mansell family of Glamorgan in south Wales are buried in Westminster Abbey.

Thomas Mansell

In the north aisle of the nave of the Abbey is a white marble monument (illustrated here) to Thomas Mansell (which is joined together with one for William Morgan of Tredegar, not illustrated). This is possibly by sculptor William Stanton and the Latin inscription can be translated:

Near this place lie, in certain hopes of a resurrection, the ashes of Thomas Mansell, eldest son of Bussy Mansell, Esquire of Briton Ferry in Glamorganshire. He took to wife Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Richard Games, Esquire of Penderin in Brecknockshire, by whom he had one son Thomas, and two daughters Mary and Elizabeth. He died 13 December 1684 aged 38

The Mansell coat of arms is on a silver background with a black chevron on it between three black maunches [medieval sleeves], a red crescent (denoting a son) at the top. A shield showing the arms of the Games family is imposed on the Mansell arms at the top, showing a chevron and three spear heads, both black.

His son Thomas was Member of Parliament for Cardiff and was buried near his father on 15th January 1706 but has no marker. He left his estates to Baron Mansell of Margam.

Edward Mansell

Near the above monument is one, by sculptor William Woodman, to Edward Mansell and the inscription reads:

Here under is buried the body of Edward Mansell, eldest son of Sir Edward Mansell of Margam in the county of Glamorgan, Baronet, who dyed the 20th day of June 1681 in the 15th year of his age.

His parents were Sir Edward Mansell 3rd Baronet of Margam and his wife Martha (Carne).

His brother Henry, youngest son of Sir Edward, died unmarried and was buried near Edward on 6th April 1693 but he has no marker.

His brother Thomas was married in Westminster Abbey on 18th May 1686 to Martha Millington, daughter of London merchant Francis Millington, and succeeded his father and was created Baron Mansell of Margam in 1712. He was controller to the household of Queen Anne and a commissioner of the Treasury. He died on 10th December 1723 but is not buried in the Abbey. His wife, Dame Martha, was buried in the vault of the Duke of Ormond in Henry VII's chapel in 1718.

Sir Edward's sister Mary married William Leman in St Margaret's church Westminster in 1655.

Mary Mansell

She was the eldest daughter of Arthur Mansell of Briton Ferry and wife of Colonel Edward Prichard. She was buried in the north ambulatory of the Abbey 10th October 1649 but has no marker. Her husband is also said to be buried in the Abbey but no record of it is shown in the burial register.

Captain Francis Mansell

Francis and his wife Barbara were buried in the west cloister of the Abbey in 1686 and 1687 respectively. He had a pension from Charles II. They have no marker.

Elizabeth Mansell

She was the daughter of Christopher Mansell and married Charles West. She was buried and has a tablet in the east cloister which reads:

In memory of Elisabeth the beloved wife of Mr Charles West, daughter of Christopher Mansell Esqr. of ye county of Bucks [Buckinghamshire]. She dyed ye 7th of November 1710 and is interred near this place. She lived most beloved by her family for the affable sweetness of her manners: she breathed forth her soul with a gentle sigh, displaying an early dutifulness towards heaven; and, (for what can faith not achieve), she is sleeping, fortified by a firm hope of resurrection.

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Nave; North Ambulatory

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Grave; plaque

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Mansell Family
Thomas Mansell memorial

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

Image © 2020 Dean and Chapter of Westminster

Mansell Family
Edward Mansell memorial

This image can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library

Image © 2020 Dean and Chapter of Westminster

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