Coronations at the Abbey

A history of coronations

There have been 38 coronations at Westminster Abbey since 1066 and 39 monarchs crowned.

A black and white image of the coronation of King Georg II. He is sat next to the Queen Consort on the coronation chair surrounded by onlookers

History of coronations

Find out about this ancient ceremony, its meaning and significance.

Read a brief history
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. She is wearing an elaborate cream dress with jewels and ruff

Kings and Queens

Learn about the life and times of those who have been crowned at the Abbey.

A list of monarchs
The Coronation Chair. A large and worn chair )approximately 700 years old with a triangular top

The Coronation Chair

Discover more about the centrepiece of coronations for over 700 years.

History of the chair
Depiction of George IV's coronation at Westminster Abbey

Coronations explained

Find out answers to a range of coronation questions and queries.

Coronation guide

The King's Coronation

The Coronation is a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry.

King Charles III shaking hands with the The Dean of Westminster David Hoyle. Both are wearing maroon robes

About His Majesty The King

Read the full biography
The high Altar on the Abbey. A gold-gilded panel is at the back and an altar and candlesticks appear in front.

Coronation confirmed

Ceremony set for 6th May
Colourful illustration of the Recognition at King George IV's coronation. The coronation chair is in the centre, surrounded by members of clergy and the congregation seated in large stands within Westminster Abbey.

Coronation objects and spaces

Discover the essential components of coronations past and present, guided by Abbey experts. These objects and spaces have played a key role in crowning new monarchs.

Spotlight on coronations

Things to see and do

We’ll be announcing soon how you can visit the Abbey for coronation-themed events including tours, talks, teas and other special events.

A father and daughter colouring in pictures. The father is wearing glasses and a homemade crown. OTher people are sitting at the table and pencils and scissors can be seen
Ab Abbey verger pointing up high to the showing visitors something in the Abbey
Cakes and sandwiches prepared on tiered serving plate. The plate is on a table along with cutlery napkins and a glass of prosecco

Afternoon tea

Enjoy a selection of savory snacks and sweet treats

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An illustration of cartoon monarchs, including Charles I, Queen Victoria,  Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. The High Altar of the Abbey can be seen in the background

Learning and family fun

Explore our range of coronation activities, learning resources, videos and more, whether you're at home or in the Abbey.

Coronations for young people
Coronation collection

Coronation collection

Commemorate the historic occasion with a unique and exclusive gift from our shop’s His Majesty The King's Coronation Collection.

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