Worship in Christianity

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Religious Education


Prayer and worship


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Benedictine monks singing in missal - copyright Dean and Chapter of Westminster


Explore worship in Christianity in greater detail with this lesson, designed to last for one hour, which uses Westminster Abbey as a case study. This KS4 lesson compares the long history of worship at the Abbey to worship today, examines where in the Abbey public services take place as well as considering liturgical worship, Holy Communion and special services in more depth. Aligned to the GCSE specifications, the lesson culminates with a series of knowledge-testing questions and a practice GCSE evaluation question.

Curriculum links

Themes covered in this lesson are aligned to:


  • Concept and purpose of worship
  • Role and importance of liturgical worship
  • Role and importance of private and public worship to Christian communities and individuals


  • Different forms of worship and their significance: liturgical, non-liturgical and informal, including the use of the Bible, and private worship


  • Liturgical and non-liturgical forms of worship, including activities which are informal and individual, including reference to the Book of Common Prayer