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Visiting the Abbey with your primary class is guaranteed to be a memorable experience as you explore the building to discover over a thousand years of faith and history. Offering both highlights tours or something more specific our guides will bring your learning to life.

Virtual classroom: Coronations

The coronation of kings and queens has taken place at Westminster Abbey since 1066. What lies at the heart of this ancient ceremony and its rituals? Have coronations always gone to plan? What does it feel like to witness this historic event? Pull up a chair and hear tales of sleepy kings, stealthy picnics and one naughty cat in this behind the scenes guide to the Coronation.

Links: History, British Values
Suitable for: KS1, 2
Duration: Flexible but typically 60 minutes
Cost: £48 per class for UK schools

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Photograph of replica coronation regalia representing the Coronations Virtual Classroom session

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