Redmond Simpson

Redmond Simpson, musician, was buried in the north cloister of Westminster Abbey on 2nd February 1787 aged 57 but he has no monument or grave marker.

The journals of the day say he was first a musician in the foot guards but became the most famous performer on the hautboy in England. The Queen appointed him to her chamber band.

His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of celebrated violinist Matthew Dubourg and their marriage took place in 1753. He lived in King Street, Westminster, near the Abbey.

In his will he mentioned only nieces, Elizabeth Hickey and Helen Rush, of Galway in Ireland. Although he was wealthy he left his wife so badly provided for that Dr Richard Jebb and others gave to her the legacies Redmond had given them.


2nd February 1787




North Cloister

Redmond Simpson
North Cloister

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