Boys usually join the choir school at the age of eight in Y4. At this stage we seek boys with strong musical potential rather than necessarily mature vocal talent.

A reliable ear, a clear voice, and a lively personality is probably more important than prior training.

The first stage of the admissions procedure is very informal and allows parents and boys a brief glimpse to see whether or not they think that the life of a chorister might suit them. Candidates visit at a mutually convenient time to sing to James O'Donnell, Organist & Master of the Choristers.

Following this very simple audition, Mr. O'Donnell will write to parents with some guidance as to the next stage.

Following this, a candidate may be invited to spend a day at the school for more singing and a simple academic assessment. The whole process is designed to discover whether or not we think that a boy might thrive here. For those who do, it is a remarkable and life enriching experience.