Learning for primary school students

Even if you are unable to visit the Abbey in person at the moment, we are still able to bring the Abbey to life through our virtual classroom experiences. Through a wide range of video conferences and guided virtual tours we can support learning of the National Curriculum for EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

We also offer outreach sessions for schools in London boroughs. And our onsite guided tours can now be booked for January 2021 onwards.

Our programme for 2020-21

Onsite sessions from January 2021.
Virtual Classroom sessions.
National Storytelling Week: 1st -5th February 2021.

Available from January 2021 onwards

Westminster Abbey is a living church at the heart of the nation’s story where more than 1,000 years of British history and pilgrimage can be explored under one roof. A warm welcome awaits all in this sacred space.

Our Abbey Highlights Tour includes:

  • Coronation Chair
  • Cosmati Pavement - site of coronations
  • Royal tombs
  • Grave of the Unknown Warrior
  • Poets’ Corner

This tour can be tailored to suit your study topic.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

Tour duration: 1.5 hours

Cost: £4

Make something to take back to school in one of our add-on workshops for just £1 extra:

  • Stained glass shrinkies
  • Medieval tiles
  • Pilgrim badges

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

Abbey Highlights Tour and Workshop duration: 2 hours

Cost: £5

Maximum group size: 30 students per session

A member of the learning team takes a primary school on a guided tour of Westminster Abbey

Available from January 2021 onwards

Duration of tours: 1.5 hours | Cost: £4

Christian Life and Worship

Explore sacred signs and symbols and find out more about key Christian beliefs and practice.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2


Discover why Westminster Abbey has attracted pilgrims through the ages and visit the Shrine of St Edward the Confessor.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

A member of the learning teams asks a primary school group a question during a tour of Westminster Abbey

Available from January 2021 onwards

Duration of tours: 1.5 hours | Cost: £4

Edward the Confessor

Travel back a thousand years to hear about the Abbey during the life of the Anglo-Saxon king, Edward the Confessor.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

The Tudors

All but one of the Tudor monarchs are buried here. See their tombs and visit Henry VII’s chapel described as 'the wonder of the world'.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

Kings, Queens & Coronations

Become a monarch for the day and find out about the coronations of some of Britain’s most famous kings and queens.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

Three Queens

Find out about the Abbey’s links to three extraordinary queens: Elizabeth I, Victoria and Elizabeth II.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

A group of primary school students huddle around a guide during a tour of Westminster Abbey

Available from January 2021 onwards

Duration of tours: 1.5 hours | Cost: £4

British Values

Democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance. Find out how Westminster Abbey underpins and upholds core British values.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

The Abbey and Parliament

See where Parliament met in medieval times and explore the links between the Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

A primary school student makes notes in a notebook during a visit to Westminster Abbey

Available from January 2021 onwards

Tour and Galleries visit duration: 2 hours | Cost: £5

Visit the stunning Galleries high above the east end of the Abbey and view some of the rare and unusual objects in the Abbey collection. A visit to the Galleries must be booked as an add-on tour.

A primary school class visit The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries

Available from January 2021 onwards

Duration: Minimum 3 hours plus time for lunch | Cost: £7

Make a full day of your visit, by combining your guided tour with a workshop, a guided visit to The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries and/or a self-led Abbey tour using one of our downloadable trails.

Subject to availability. Groups of no more than 15 at a time in the Galleries. Must be booked at least three weeks ahead of the visit date.

Photograph showing primary class at Westminster Abbey

Special Events 2021

Join us at the Abbey or online for a week of stories from 1st - 5th February during National Storytelling Week.

Choose from:

Anne Boleyn – A Queen in Danger

Meet the woman who promised Henry VIII a son and discover what happened when she failed. Anne tells her story and speaks of the religious changes that Henry made in order to marry her.

Edith of Wessex – 1066: The End of the Anglo Saxons

Meet the last Anglo-Saxon Queen of England. Edith tells of her marriage to King Edward the Confessor, and why he was made a saint. Discover the power struggles which led to the end of the Anglo-Saxons and the rise of the Normans.

Florence Nightingale – Victorian Life & Medicine

Meet the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ who has a chapel named after her at Westminster Abbey. Listen how she travelled to tend to wounded soldiers during the Crimean war and discover the changes she made to improve conditions saving the lives of many soldiers.


Link: History

Suitable for: KS1 and KS2

Onsite: £5 per pupil. Duration 2 hours. Includes storytelling session and guided tour.

Online: £48 per class. Duration up to 90 minutes. Includes storytelling session and Q&A with your chosen character. 

Photograph of learning officer as Anne Boleyn, as part of National Story-telling Week activities for primary pupils
A primary school student makes notes on a clipboard during a self-led visit to Westminster Abbey

Self-led visits

Schools are welcome to come and explore the Abbey without a guide on self-led visits. We have trails available to download to support your visit. The trails cover a range of topics, including Church and State, Maths, Tudors, Christianity, Super Scientists and Charles Dickens.

Plan your self-led visit
A girl and boy dressed as medieval monks during a visit to Westminster Abbey

Outreach workshops

Our themed outreach workshops with an Abbey tour are available for all primary schools in Greater London. The workshops can be tailored to the needs of your class and the tours can be booked for later in the academic year.

Find out more

Free visits for eligible schools

We encourage visits from all UK schools. However, we recognise that the cost of a visit can be a barrier.

Schools with 35% or more pupils eligible for free school meals may book a free guided tour of the Abbey. 

All maintained schools in the boroughs listed may bring one whole Key Stage 2 (Y3–6) year group for free for any guided tour this academic year.

Email us to find out more and book your visit: [email protected]

Eligible Boroughs:
Barking and Dagenham
Tower Hamlets
Waltham Forest

Free visits subject to availability

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