Henry and Aubrey de Vere, Earls of Oxford

Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, was Lord High Chamberlain of England and was buried in a vault in St John the Baptist's chapel at Westminster Abbey on 15th July 1625. He has no monument but his name was inscribed in the 19th century on a  stone in the floor of the chapel. He was the only son of Edward, 17th Earl of Oxford by his second wife Elizabeth (Trentham) and was born on 24th February 1593. He was educated at Oxford and lived overseas for a while and succeeded his father as Earl in 1604. His wife was Lady Diana Cecil, daughter of the Earl of Exeter but they had no children. He fought overseas with Horace Vere and served at sea. He died of a fever at The Hague. His second cousin succeeded him.

Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl of Oxford is buried in St John the Evangelist's chapel at Westminster Abbey but has no monument or marker. His grave is near the monument to his kinsman Sir Francis Vere. He was born on 28th February 1627, the eldest son of Robert, 19th Earl and Beatrix van Hemmema and was brought up in Holland. His first wife was ten year old Ann Bayning who was buried on 27th September 1659 (her sister Penelope Herbert was also buried in the Abbey in 1657). His second wife was Diane Kirke buried 19th April 1719. A colonel in the army and Privy Councillor he was imprisoned in the Tower of London suspected of conspiracy against Cromwell. At the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 he was knighted and was Lord Lieutenant of Essex.

His daughters Lady Mary and Henrietta both died unmarried and were buried with him in 1725 and 1730 respectively. Henrietta's coffin was revealed in 1913 and a small stone now marks her grave:

The Rt. Honourable Lady Henrietta Vere died Sep. 22 1730 aged 48 years.

Another daughter was Diana, Duchess of St Albans and he is said to have had an illegitimate son Aubrey. He was buried on 22nd March 1703 and his title became extinct.

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24th February 1593


15th July 1625




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Henry and Aubrey de Vere, Earls of Oxford
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