Benjamin de Rohan

Benjamin de Rohan (called in England the Duke of Soubise or Sabees), French Huguenot leader, was buried in Westminster Abbey on 25th November 1642. The location of the burial is unknown.

He was born in 1580 a son of Rene II, Viscount de Rohan and his wife Catherine de Parthenay. His brother was Henri de Rohan. He served as a soldier in the Low Countries and commanded during the siege of La Rochelle (a war between Louis XIII's Catholic forces and the Protestant Huguenots). After this he fled to England.

A possible relative, Lady Mary Appollonia Scholastica de Rohan Chabot, eldest daughter of William, Earl of Stafford and widow of the Count de Rohan Chabot, was buried in St Edmund's chapel in the Abbey on 23rd May 1769 aged 48. A small stone marks her grave.



Benjamin de Rohan
Westminster Abbey in the 17th century

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