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The Institute's Autumn public programme is Embracing Global Challenges. Tickets to all event are free but booking is required. Priority is given to public servants.

Embracing Global Challenges

How does humanity embrace global challenges that brook no national boundaries? The harm to the ecology of our planet cannot be addressed without international collaboration; nor can technology’s benefits and threats. Similarly, to answer the question of where millions of migrating people find their home requires a globe-wide reconnection with our common humanity. What sort of people must we become, and how should our institutions and policy makers adapt, if we are to address the needs of the 21st century and beyond? Westminster Abbey Institute’s 2018 autumn programme Embracing Global Challenges explores ways in which humanity can respond creatively and courageously to our unfolding story.

The programme will be announced in September.

Having a daily relationship with a 1000 year old garden is a joy.


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