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Open air theatre: The Merchant of Venice

Open air theatre: The Merchant of Venice

8th - 9th August 2018 | 7.30pm - 9.50pm | Dean's Yard


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Dean’s Yard provides the beautiful backdrop for a production of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, presented by the international award-winning open air theatre company, Illyria.

The Merchant of Venice is a funny play that deals with serious issues - in particular the keeping of promises. Wealthy Antonio borrows money from Shylock, and both are so confident about his paying it back that they jokingly adopt a ridiculous agreement: that Antonio will give Shylock a pound of his flesh should he default. Then events conspire against him so that he cannot repay the loan. Meanwhile Bassanio risks everything in the hope of winning the hand of Portia in marriage. Admittedly he succeeds - but when she gives him a ring to keep, and he is compelled to give it away, what future for their domestic bliss?


Adults - £15.00

Children (6 - 16 years) - £9.00

Over 60s and students - £12.00

+ 5% booking fee

About the performance

There will be two performances, on Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th August 2018

Doors open at 6.30pm

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes including 20 minute interval

For further information, including full terms and conditions, please visit the Illyria theatre website.

Event information

Start Date:8th August 2018
End Date:9th August 2018
Start Time:7.30pm
End Time:9.50pm
Location: Dean's Yard
Price: £9-£15

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The biggest challenge we face is maintaining such a large physical collection of material within a historic building – believe it or not, there’s just not enough space for it all.


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