The World Reimagined globe by Nicola Green

The World Reimagined globe by Nicola Green

Date Time Location Price
13th August - 31st October 2022 St Margaret's Church Free (no booking required)

Visit the World Reimagined globe by artist and social historian Nicola Green to learn about the transatlantic slave trade and its impact.

No access until 28th September

Due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II you will not be able to view the globe until the end of September.

About the tour

Enjoy the beauty and splendour of Nicola Green’s globe, ‘The World in a waterlily, Amazonica’ - the penultimate stop on the Camden to Westminster trail of The World Reimagined, an art education initiative about the transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans and its impact which is taking place in seven cities across the nation until 31 October.

Nicola’s brightly coloured sparkling globe represents the deep-rooted connection between racial justice and climate justice – the intrinsic connection between the historic oppression of people, and the exploitation of the world’s natural resources. Nicola’s globe is enveloped by the Guiana Shield - one of the largest remaining intact rainforests on earth with a sky bursting with black and brown angels embellished with 24k gold. Beneath the forest is the sea and a map which reimagines the world as a water lily.

Booking information

No booking is required and visiting the globe is free. 

There is a quick bag search before entering. You are welcome to visit the Abbey afterwards though you will need to buy an entry ticket.


The globe can be viewed on St Margaret’s churchyard outside the Abbey’s North Door, Monday – Saturday.

Please check our opening times for access and use the visitor entrance gate.

Other events

Globe tour

On Fridays in September and October you can take a one-hour guided tour that explores the themes behind ‘The World in a waterlily, Amazonica’ globe.

The tour will include visiting St Margaret’s Church and the Abbey. We will discover Nicola’s personal connection to the Abbey, her influence when creating the globe, and reflect on the history contained within the Abbey.


You can view the ‘World in a waterlily, Amazonica' globe and 10 others on the the Camden to Westminster trail of The World Reimagined.

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