An Observance for Commonwealth Day 2012
Start Date: 12th Mar 2012
Start Time: 15:15

Location - The Abbey

Commonwealth Day is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth. The centre-piece of the day is a multi-faith service at Westminster Abbey organised by The Royal Commonwealth Society, on behalf of the Council of Commonwealth Societies.

The theme for this year is 'Connecting Cultures'. Through a mix of world music, dance and personal testimonies, the service will explore the golden threads that tie together people from every continent, faith and ethnicity.

In April 1949, Heads of State from Australia, Britain, Ceylon, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and the Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs met in London and deliberated over six days. The outcome was the Declaration of London which gave birth to the modern Commonwealth. The origins of the Commonwealth stretch back much further than sixty years, but 1949 marks the pivotal point at which the Commonwealth's colonial legacy was positively transformed into a partnership based on equality, choice, and consensus. The organisation decided at a meeting in Canberra in 1976 that Commonwealth Day would be celebrated on the second Monday in March each year.

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