The Abbey is a working church and so some recommendations and guidelines are set in place to achieve balance between worship and visitors' needs. 

Please be aware of the following before you visit:

  • Some areas of the Abbey may be dimly lit
  • Much of the Abbey floor and steps are uneven so sensible footwear is advised
  • There is low doorway access to some chapels

People with restricted mobility, hearing and sight can still enjoy services and are always welcome to come to the Abbey to worship. Abbey Marshals (in red gowns) and honorary stewards (at Sunday services) are always pleased to help you with any assistance you may require.

Should you require any more information regarding access please contact us.

For a detailed disabled access guide to Westminster Abbey, please visit the DisabledGo website.

Entrance Security

Visitor access to the Abbey is via the West Gate of the North Green, located near the junction of Broad Sanctuary and The Sanctuary. (See map)

It is not possible to enter the Abbey for worship or as a visitor with large or bulky items of luggage. This includes suitcases (including those on wheels) and large rucksacks. Left luggage facilities are operated at Charing Cross and Victoria stations, both of which are within walking distance of the Abbey.

We reserve the right to search smaller bags before granting access to worshippers and visitors.

Wheeled Access

Some areas of the Abbey are unavoidably inaccessible to people permanently confined to wheelchairs. Therefore, we offer free admission to such visitors and their carers. Visitors should enter via the North Door, where there is a small ramped step.

We have our own wheelchairs that are freely available to use. Speak to a Marshal on your arrival and they will arrange it. If you prefer to use your own wheelchair, you will have access to most areas of the Abbey.

For those who have difficulty getting up the stairs and spiral staircase to our Library, we can make documents available by appointment at Westminster City Archive Centre in St Ann's Street, where access is very easy. Contact the Library for further advice.

Visually Impaired Visitors

A Touch Tour is available for visually impaired visitors in large-print or Braille. We also provide large-print and Braille versions of the Welcome Leaflet for visitors to the Abbey, a Braille booklet covering St Margaret's Church and tactile maps in Braille of the Abbey. 

If you would like to do a Touch Tour of the Abbey we recommend booking the services of a volunteer guide. 

We also ask groups to book in advance. Depending on the size of the group, some may require more than one guide. Please email us or call 020 7654 4871 

Hear the Dean of Westminster, Dr John Hall talking about the Shrine of Edward the Confessor on Vocal Eyes.

Visitors with Hearing Difficulties

The Abbey is equipped with a hearing loop system that covers the whole of the Abbey main building. This system is used at all Services.

Assistance Dogs

Guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs are welcome. Other animals are not permitted in the Abbey.

Dress Code

Westminster Abbey is a Church and a place of daily worship. We ask our visitors to respect this, and to show sensitivity in the way they are dressed. We request that clothing are modest, and that gentlemen remove their hats while in Church.

Visitors with children

We warmly welcome children and young people to the Abbey - although we don't recommend a visit for pre-school-age children. A Children's Trail, in English, is available free at the information desk as you enter the Abbey, and children are able to dress up as monks in the Museum.

Photography and mobile phones

Photography and filming (pictures and/or sound) of any kind is not allowed in any part of the Abbey at any time. As a visitor, you are welcome to take pictures in the Cloisters and College Garden for personal use only. Postcards showing the interior of the Abbey are available to buy in the Abbey shop. 

The use of mobile phones is permitted in the Cloisters and College Garden. Please keep mobile phones switched off within the Abbey church.

To find out more about commercial filming and photography, please visit our Press section. 

Photos of Abbey monuments, graves and architectural features can be purchased from the Library.

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