George I
Born: 28 May, 1660
Died: 11 Jun, 1727
Coronation Date: 20 Oct, 1714

George was the eldest son of Ernest, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Elector of Hanover in Germany, and his wife Sophia. He was born on 28 May (or 7 June in New Style dating) 1660 and succeeded his father as Elector. By the terms of the Act of Settlement he succeeded his second cousin Queen Anne (who had no surviving children) on the British throne on 1 August 1714. During his reign the Jacobite rising in Scotland, in favour of the son of James II, was put down.


His married his first cousin Sophia at Celle on 22 November 1682. The marriage was dissolved in 1694


George I was crowned on 20 October 1714. He could not speak very much English and the ceremonies had to be conducted mostly in Latin as his ministers could not speak German!


He died on 22 June 1727 while on a visit to Germany and was buried in Hanover. In 1957 his coffin was moved to the mausoleum at Herrenhausen.

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