Sir Robert Anstruther
Burial Date: 09 Jan, 1645
Field: Diplomat
Location in the Abbey: South amulatory
Type of memorial: Grave
Type of material: Stone

Sir Robert Anstruther, diplomat and politician, was buried in the south ambulatory of Westminster Abbey on 9 January 1645. The gravestone was laid down in the late 19th century to record his burial and the inscription reads:

"Sir Robert Anstruther of Anstruther Gentleman of the Bedchamber to King James 1st Privy Councillor to King Charles 1st. Ambassador to Germany and Denmark. Died 1645"

He was a son of Sir James Anstruther (of Anstruther in Fife, Scotland) and his wife Jean (Scott). Partly educated in Denmark he later became ambassador there and undertook many diplomatic missions in Europe during the two reigns. He married Catherine Swift and they had two sons Robert and Philip (later knighted by Charles II) and a daughter Ursula.

A photo of the gravestone can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.


Further reading:

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 2004

"Diary of Abraham de la Pryme" for an account of him (Surtees Society, 1870).

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