Robert Waldeby
Died: 29 Dec, 1397
Field: Priest; physician
Location in the Abbey: Chapel of st edmund
Type of memorial: Tomb
Type of material: Marble; brass

The tomb of Robert de Waldeby (or Waldby) is in St Edmund's chapel in Westminster Abbey. The engraved brass was raised up on a low dais in the late 19th century. He wears the vestments of a bishop under a canopy with a shield of arms at the top and the indents of two lost shields. The inscription partially remains around the edge.The complete inscription, translated from the Latin, read:

"This was Robert, called de Waldeby, skilled in both kinds of law: now he is confined beneath this marble. He was a doctor of Holy Scripture, of worthy birth, a physician, ever a friend of the people. He was bishop of Aire (in Gascony) and afterwards Archbishop of Dublin: from there he went as bishop of Chichester, and finally became primate of York. He died on the fourth of the Kalends of January [ie 29 December] in 1397. I beseech you, pray for the gifts of a blessed life with the saints for him, that he may rest here without strife"

He most probably came from Yorkshire and was ordained in 1362 and was related to John Waldby, the preaching friar. He served Edward, the "Black" Prince and was an envoy to Aragon and keeper of the seal of the seneschal of Aquitaine as well as holding the offices mentioned in his inscription.

A photo of the tomb and of the engraving can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.

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