Henry Hope
Field: Soldier
Location in the Abbey: North transept
Type of memorial: Bust
Type of material: Marble

Brigadier General Henry Hope, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec in Canada, has a monument in the west aisle of the north transept of Westminster Abbey. It is signed by sculptor John Bacon, with the date 1793. The white marble monument shows a relief of a mourning woman in native dress leaning on a sarcophagus with a beaver nearby. She kneels on a pedestal on which are sculpted a rudder and cornucopia. On the rudder are a snake and a mirror, emblematic of prudence and integrity. The inscription reads:

"To the memory of Brigadier General HOPE, Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Quebec, where he died in 1789, aged 43 years. To those who knew him, his name alone conveys the idea of all that is amiable in the human character; distinguished by splendor of family, a cultivated taste for letters and superior elegance of manners. As a public character disinterested, and ever actuated by an unshaken regard to principle, the patron of the oppressed, the benefactor of the indigent. In the field, eminent for intrepid courage, tempered by unbounded humanity. In the civil service of his country he manifested the warmest zeal for its interest, and displayed such abilities and integrity as were the pride and blessing of the people he governed. This monument was erected by his disconsolate widow S.H."

He was the grandson of Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun (Scotland) and married Sarah Jones. His brother was Charles.

A photograph of the memorial can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.

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