George Green
Born: 14 Jul, 1793
Died: 31 May, 1841
Field: Scientist; mathematician
Location in the Abbey: Nave
Type of memorial: Stone

A memorial stone for George Green, mathematician and physicist, was unveiled in the nave of Westminster Abbey in July 1993, adjoining the graves of Sir Isaac Newton and Lord Kelvin. The stone was designed by Donald Buttress with an inlay in bronze showing the windmill at Sneinton in Nottinghamshire, which was built by George's father. The inscription reads:


He was born on 14 July 1793, the son of George Green, a miller, and his wife Sarah (Butler). Green pioneered the application of mathematics to physical problems and theorems derived from his work on electricity and magnetism are used in modern nuclear and solid state physics. He had seven children by Jane Smith and died on 31 May 1841. His grave is at St Stephen's church at Sneinton.

A photograph of the memorial can be purchased from Westminster Abbey Library.


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