The following list of people buried or commemorated in Westminster Abbey provides links to information about them and their monuments. There is also information on organisations commemorated. The list is NOT COMPLETE at present, but further entries are always being added. Contact the Abbey Library if you have a query about a burial or monument not covered by this list at

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Pages include a transcript of any inscription and an English translation if the original is in Latin. Spelling in English has often changed over the centuries and this is reflected in the inscriptions.

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  1. Aphra Behn

    • Died: 16 April 1689
    • Profession: Writer; Poet
    • Location in the Abbey: Cloisters; East Cloister
    • Type of Memorial: Grave

    The poet, writer and dramatist Aphra (or Astrea) Behn (1640?-1689) was buried in the east cloister of Westminster Abbey, near the steps up into the church.

    • Cloisters
    • East Cloister
    • Poet
    • Writer
    • Female
    • Restoration
    • Stuart
    • 17th
    Memorial Type
    • Grave
    • A-D


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