The following list of people buried or commemorated in Westminster Abbey provides links to information about them and their monuments. There is also information on organisations commemorated. The list is NOT COMPLETE at present, but further entries are always being added. Contact the Abbey Library if you have a query about a burial or monument not covered by this list at

Photography is NOT permitted within the Abbey Church, only in the cloisters. Photos, sizes 6x4 or 8x6 inches (to UK or airmail), can be purchased from the Abbey Library (NOT the shop). Email the Library for prices and other information.

Pages include a transcript of any inscription and an English translation if the original is in Latin. Spelling in English has often changed over the centuries and this is reflected in the inscriptions.

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  1. Arnold Quellin

    • Profession: Artist; Architect
    • Location in the Abbey: College Garden

    Four large statues, carved by Arnold Quellin for the 1685 altar originally in Whitehall Palace, have recently been moved from Westminster Abbey's College Garden to the triforium.

  2. Sir Lumley Robinson

    • Died: 6 June 1684
    • Location in the Abbey: Nave; Triforium
    • Type of Memorial: Tablet

    Sir Lumley Robinson was buried in the nave of Westminster Abbey in 1684.His monument, by John Settle, has been moved to the triforium.

  3. Nicholas Rowe

    • Born: 30 June 1674
    • Burial: 19 December 1718
    • Profession: Poet; Playwright
    • Location in the Abbey: South Transept; Poets' Corner; Triforium
    • Type of Memorial: Bust

    Nicholas Rowe, Poet Laureate and dramatist, was buried in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey. His monument by J.M.Rysbrack has been moved to the triforium, together with that of John Gay. Click on blue link for more information.

  4. Cecily, Countess of Rutland and son

    • Location in the Abbey: Chapel of St Nicholas; Chapel of St Michael

    Cecily Manners, Countess of Rutland and her son Francis are buried in Westminster Abbey but neither have markers. The son's death is alleged to have been caused by witchcraft.

  5. Richard Tyrrell

    • Died: 26 June 1766
    • Profession: Sailor
    • Location in the Abbey: Nave; Triforium
    • Type of Memorial: Statue

    In a window recess of the south aisle of the nave of Westminster Abbey is a large monument to Rear Admiral Richard Tyrrell by sculptor Nicholas Read. It has been reduced in size and a figure of the Admiral is now in the triforium.

  6. Magdalen Walsh

    • Died: 1 September 1747
    • Location in the Abbey: Cloisters; South Cloister; East Cloister; Triforium
    • Type of Memorial: Grave; Tablet

    Magdalen Walsh was buried in the east cloister of Westminster Abbey but her monument, by P.Scheemakers, was moved to the south cloister. It has now been replaced after conservation.

  7. Charles Watson

    • Died: 16 August 1757
    • Profession: Sailor
    • Location in the Abbey: North Transept
    • Type of Memorial: Statue

    In the west aisle of the north transept of Westminster Abbey is a memorial to Vice-Admiral Charles Watson. Designed by James Stuart and executed by Peter Scheemakers. The palm tree designs on the pillars have been removed.

  8. Owen and William Wynne

    • Profession: Lawyer
    • Location in the Abbey: North Cloister
    • Type of Memorial: Tablet

    On the wall of the north cloister of Westminster Abbey is a tablet to Owen Wynne. A memorial to William Wynne has been taken down as it was decayed.

  9. Florence Nightingale & Nurses' chapel

    • Profession: Doctor
    • Location in the Abbey: Islip Chapel

    The Nurses' Memorial Chapel in Westminster Abbey, designed by Sebastian Comper with a window by Hugh Easton, has recently been re-dedicated to Florence Nightingale.

  10. Gilbert Wimberley

    • Profession: Priest
    • Location in the Abbey: St Margaret's Church

    The Revd.Dr Gilbert Wimberley was buried in St Margaret's church Westminster where he had been minister. His grave no longer remains.

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