Policy Statement

The Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey is committed to facilitating an environment in which children, young people and adults – especially vulnerable adults – are able to visit, worship and grow in Christ safely. Abuse and maltreatment in any form is entirely contrary to Scripture and the Church’s teachings. In respecting the dignity and value of every person the Dean and Chapter is committed to:

  • the care, nurture of, and respectful pastoral ministry with, all children and all adults
  • the safeguarding and protection of all children, young people and adults when they are at risk
  • establishing safe, caring communities which provide a loving environment and a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ and action towards safeguarding everyone

The Dean and Chapter of Westminster will seek to fulfil these through:

  • the production of a clear policy and procedures to which all will comply
  • the safer recruitment, training and support of those in positions of responsibility and trust
  • responding without delay to concerns and complaints regarding actual or potential harm or maltreatment (advice to be sought/action taken within 24 hours)
  • co-operating with professionals and processes necessary to ensure proper safeguards and pastoral care
  • the provision of care and support to those who have experienced abuse
  • the provision of supervision and support to those who have abused others

Guiding Principles

The principles below will guide all elements of safeguarding activity delivered by those at all levels within Westminster Abbey (including the Abbey Church, St Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey Choir School):

  • pastoral care which is respectful and informed
  • timely safeguarding action – advice to be sought/action to be taken within 24 hours
  • the involvement of others on a need to know basis only
  • the early identification and management of actual or potential risks
  • the discharging of duties to the highest level of Christian behaviour
  • the active commitment of all in promoting and keeping our communities safe

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