As a Royal Peculiar, Westminster Abbey has strong links to the Commonwealth and prays for the countries of the Commonwealth throughout its regular pattern of daily services.

Each year, the high commissioners of the Commonwealth countries are invited by the Dean to evensong on or close to their national day. The National Flag is flown on the day when the High Commission is represented at Evensong.

The High Commissioner would normally read the New Testament lesson, and the Abbey community prays for the peoples of that country, their leaders, for that country's nationals living in the United Kingdom, for diplomats dispersed throughout the world, and for the work of that High Commission in London.

Almighty God, who hast given to the peoples of N, a special place and responsibility in the life of the Commonwealth; grant wisdom, discernment and integrity to her leaders; peace, prosperity and faith to her citizens, that they may be united in one fellowship; and strengthen the nations of our Commonwealth in one bond and community, to the honour of thy Holy Name, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


  1. The Royal Standard is to be flown when the Sovereign is in the Precincts or at the State Opening of Parliament.
  2. The Abbey Flag is to be flown during a State Visit when the Head of State visits the Grave of the Unknown Warrior
January 26 Australia Day Australian Flag
  India Republic Day India flag
January 31 Nauru Independence Day Nauru flag
February 4 Sri Lanka Independence Day Sri Lanka flag
February 6 New Zealand Day New Zealand flag
February 7 Grenada Independence Day Grenada flag
February 22 St Lucia Independence Day St Lucia flag
February 23 Brunei National Day Brunei flag
  Guyana Republic Day Guyana flag
March 6 Ghana Independence Day Ghana flag
March 12 Mauritius National Day Mauritius flag
March 13 Commonwealth Day Royal Standard flag
March 21 Namibia National Day Namibia flag
March 23 Pakistan National Day Pakistan flag
March 26 Bangladesh Independence Day Bangladesh flag
April 26 Tanzania Union Day Tanzania flag
April 27 Sierra Leone National Day Sierra Leone flag
  South Africa Freedom Day South Africa flag
May 20 Cameroon National Day Cameroons flag
June 1 Samoa National Day Samoa flag
June 18 Seychelles National Day Seychelles flag
June 25 Mozambique Independence Day Mozambique flag
July 1 Canada Day Canada flag
  Rwanda Independence Day Rwanda flag
July 6 Malawi Independence Day Malawi flag
July 7 Solomon Islands Independence Day Solomon Islands flag
July 10 The Bahamas National Day The Bahamas flag
July 12 Kiribati Independence Day Kiribati flag
July 26 Maldives National Day Maldives flag
July 30 Vanuatu National Day Vanuatu flag
August 6 Jamaica Independence Day Jamaica flag
August 9 Singapore National Day Singapore flag
August 31 Malaysia National Day Malaysia flag
  Trinidad and Tobago Day Independence Day Trinidad and Tobago flag
September 6 Swaziland National Day Swaziland flag
September 16 Papua New Guinea Independence Day Papua New Guinea flag
September 19 St Christopher and Nevis Independence Day St Christopher and Nevis flag
September 21 Malta Independence Day Malta flag
  Belize National Day Belize flag
September 30 Botswana Day Botswana flag
October 1 Cyprus Independence Day Cyprus flag
  Nigeria Republic Day Nigeria flag
  Tuvalu National Day Tuvalu flag
October 4 Lesotho Independence Day Lesotho flag
October 9 Uganda Independence Day Uganda flag
October 10 Fiji National Day Fiji flag
October 24 Zambia Independence Day Zambia flag
October 27 St Vincent and The Grenadines National Day St Vincent and The Grenadines flag
November 1 Antigua & Barbuda Independence Day Antigua & Barbudu flag
November 3 Dominica Independence Day Dominica flag
November 4 Tonga National Day Tonga flag
November 30 Barbados Independence Day Barbados flag
December 12 Kenya Independence DayKenya flag

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